ASAM Models is a new company with 45 years experience
offering a wide range of 1:48th Metal & Resin Scale Models including
Heavy Haulage Systems, Modern Commercials, Military & Old Timers


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ASAM MODELS, or rather ALAN SMITH is now thinking of retiring as i am now approaching 85 years of age.
Still not sure as to why i am thinking of stepping down as i still like the work, most of the customers and my health
is holding up inspite of leg fracture, third hernia operation, rheumatics, failing eyesight and sensitive teeth, along with
that always present thought prostrate cancer, non that i am aware of at the moment and i hope it remains that way.
Still make it into work four days of the week, walk 6 miles a day with the dogs, still have a driving license and enjoy
at least two holidays a year and owe the tax man nothing.

ALLAN SIMPSON is 20 years younger with some health problems and caring for his aged mother with his sisters help.
Allan is not planning to retire but as to whether he can keep the model side going is still up for discussion.
After all no major change with name as it could be Allan Simpson Auto Models and ASAM name would remain.

If anyone is interested in the business please ask

My own thoughts are confused and not sure what i will do when it happens, friends keep telling me to retire and enjoy life
but as I enjoy life at the moment why ? Not interesting in golf, decorating, gardening but i like my hobby model making.
The thought of sorting out my own model collection, boxing, labeling, discovering what i have collected over the last 50 years, all ready for by kids to sell.

Another year and we are still here, we have weathered the Corona Virus safely and look forward to 2023/2024. We have new models being prepared for release, but due to the work load and other orders we have shelved some these models till things ease off. .

Delivery times for kits on order are variable, We are also accepting orders for built models with longish delivery times.

We will ony accept orders for built models if they are ordered using the secure order oage
When we accpet orders for built or kits we take no payment till items are cast and ready to pack or build.
A Facebook site was set up in the name of "ASAM Model Trucks" and to date we have in excess of 4100 members.
It is a site which was set up with Alan Smith and Allan Simpson set up as the Administrators and it has been a good
site to show many things that have been produced by us over the last 50 years for ourselves and for
many different model companies. It is also used to display the models built by members using kits from ASAM
or any other company we have been linked with. It also gets used by members who need assistance on how to
build or what models are still available.

Problems still exist with the EU but deliveries are going ahead with some delays and surcharges.
Some deliveries go through with no delay or surcharges, whereas indentical items are delayed and surcharged.
Deliveries to Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A. are also clear of any problems and we hope
to increase sales to these countries. One problem here is the postal charges which seem to have jumped almost 50% higher. See TERMS of BUSINESS for rates we will use.

We have had problems with International and UK deliveries. We had two lost parcels for which we received a
small repayment. For any high cost parcels we will insure to allow for a more generous compensation .
For overseas delivery we will try to use a courier or FEDEX and we hope the charges will notit could reduce
the handling charges being charged. For EU deliveries we think this will reduce handing charges and reduce the risk of parcel lost, even though tracking was included

I will produce a current stock list and post as soon as possble.

We continue to think of new models and we hope to complete all before any major changes rake place.

Please join us on Facebook ASAM TRUCK MODELS

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Alan Smith Allan Simpson

Alan Smith & Allan Simpson trading as ASAM Models
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